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TThe temple is revered by Tevaram hymns of saint poets Thirunavukkarasar and sambandar belonging to the 7th century. The poets name the towns where they found the temple in their hymns and Pullirukkuvelur finds a mention in their verses, corresponding to the temple.[18] The hymns appear to recognise the function of the mantras (sacred text) as invocation of Shiva. In addition the hymns from Thirunavukkarasar likens Shiva to luminous objects - a flame, a pearl, a diamond and pure gold.[19] He also indicates wasting lot of days not worshipping Shiva at this temple.

"வெள்ளெ ருக்கர வம்விர வுஞ்சடைப் புள்ளி ருக்குவே ளூரரன் பொற்கழல் உள்ளிருக்கு முணர்ச்சியில் லாதவர் நள்ளி ருப்பர் நரகக் குழியிலே."